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Sebastian Alberdi

Spanish-Argentinian Sebastián Alberdi (b. 1978) grew up in Buenos Aires, but moved to Barcelona at the age of 20. Today, he not only has a design studio in his own name, but is also a professor, just as he is part of the award-winning international design collective outofstock.

A fundamental curiosity about the world and the interaction between an object and a person are what keep Sebastián Alberdi going. This industrial designer with Spanish and Argentine roots continuously challenges materials, technology and craftsmanship in his design studio in Barcelona. He aims to stretch the limits of what is possible and to refine each design in terms of what it contributes to our surroundings, when it comes to feeling, functionality and visual existence. Sebastián Alberdi strives for aesthetic simplicity and precision, though one often detects a note of temperament in his design, investing it with a sophisticated and vibrant touch.



The Masquerade mirrors are inspired by the two-sided mask and a world of geometrical surprises. The designer is Sebastián Alberdi, who in the Masquerade range works with geometric shapes and elements at many visual levels. From the design of the individual mirror to the partial engraving with straight lines and patterns, which transform Masquerade from a one dimensional mirror surface to an intense three dimensional experience.