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Rikke Frost

Rikke Frost (b. 1973) creates unique design with an inherent experience and a beautiful Nordic sound. She is an industrial designer based in Aarhus, from where she runs her own business. The desire to create a unique experience plays a key role in the Danish designer, Rikke Frost’s design process. This award-winning industrial designer creates design objects to be seen, sensed and felt.

Through contrasting different materials and with her sense of their visual and tactile properties, Rikke Frost produces complete universes with an original idiom. She refers to her own style as ‘New Nordic’, rooted in a timeless simplicity, in which surprising details together with colours and functions give the sense of a solid and coherent design.



The Enigma glass display cabinet dates back to the 18th century, when one of the major glazing specialities was framing small sections of glass in lead to create large glass windows for churches and cathedrals. Rikke Frost has taken on the technique and brought both the technique and the beauty of the glass display cabinet to life in Enigma’s contemporary, eye-catching design.

Inspired by the decadence of the 1920s, Rikke Frost has created a modern modular sofa that will lend atmosphere and texture to any room. Thanks to its extra depth, Warm Nordic’s take on a stylish sectional sofa invites you to put your feet up and lounge, without any compromise on the part of the design in terms of elegance and style. The black legs lend this modular sofa a light, floating look, while the classic design also features exquisite stitching. Because it is a modular sofa, you can put together the elements of Galore to suit your own needs.