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Morten & Jonas

Together, Morten Skjærpe Knarrum (1980) and Jonas Norheim (1980) are the design partnership of Morten & Jonas. The humorous, playful element in their innovative creations is rooted in an exceptional awareness of design, quality and significant details. They share a passion for furniture and design that makes a difference and adds value to a space. It is their immense curiosity, openness and eye for detail that make the Norwegian design partnership of Morten & Jonas (est. 2011) stand out from the crowd.

In their designs Morten Skjærpe Knarrum and Jonas Norheim are committed to relationships: in terms of both the setting and the individual item of furniture, in which techniques, choice of materials and colours come together to create a perfect entity. Morten & Jonas’s designs always feature something more than just form and function. Frequently there is a touch of humour. Other times there is an invitation to reflect: to simply take a break.



From Above is a light, elegant coffee table with a glass top and coloured steel frame. The transparent glass top of the From Above table sets off the structure beautifully, investing the coffee table with a handsome, graphic look. The From Above coffee table is infused with details, which transform the coffee table from something purely functional into a design element. Your eyes cannot help but explore the simple structure, discovering the elegant solutions that combine glass and steel in a fully integrated design.