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Charlotte Høncke

It is the details that make Charlotte Høncke’s design stand out. One of this Danish designer’s great passions is upholstered furniture, in which original stitching, colour scheme or a surprising shape arouses our curiosity. In Charlotte Høncke’s designs, richness of detail co-exists with pure shapes and lines, while taking functionality into careful consideration. Charlotte Høncke immerses herself in the process of creating exquisite designs for the home, capturing a sense of entity, cosiness and a timeless aesthetic, which not only harks back to history, but also embraces the spirit of our age.

The heritage and lines from the Nordic design tradition exist side by side with modern sophistication at Danish Charlotte Høncke. The industrial designer has a great love for, among other things, upholstered furniture, where it can be an original stitching, color combination or a surprising shape that arouses curiosity. Høncke's signature style is, thereby, design that beautifully combines functionality with aesthetics - and likes to add small, distinctive details that arouse curiosity. Her designs often have a simple design language and excel especially in the details that make the designs unique.



The classic references of the Be My Guest range are highlighted by the rounded corners, which invest the pieces of furniture with a touch of softness. Together with the simple black metal frame, the organic design makes for a light appearance, while its rounded top is not only beautiful, but also inviting to use in a welcoming way. With its classic design and touch of modern lightness and sophistication, the Be My Guest range will look perfect in any contemporary interior.

Cape is an organic piece of furniture with a simple design that lurks a detailed aesthetic and an implicit sensuousness. The inspiration for the Cape came from the world of fashion with its layered techniques and puffed sleeves as the overall concept – particularly evident in the delicate stitches. The range designed by Charlotte Høncke includes an armchair and sofa. The two items of furniture complement each other, both with and without stitches, preferably mixed to provide a more vibrant expression.